3CE Back To Baby BB Cream

flawless look, like a baby’s skin~

3CE is currently one of my favorite make-up brands. This product particularly because it is perfect for the winter. It is non-drying and moisturizing for the dry season. It also contains SPF35 in a 30ml bottle, so it can still product you from the sun even in the Winter season. This product only comes in one color and it is designed to minimize oxidation for bright and natural skin tone that is longer lasting.

What is oxidation? Just like apples, when exposed to oxygen in the air, your foundation or bb cream will turn a few shades darker. So over the course of the day, your foundation/bb cream would not be the same color as it started out as. There are ways to minimize oxidation, such as setting sprays and blotting your face with oil papers.

Since this product only has one shade, it is toward the lighter side. I have very light fair skin, so it worked out perfectly for me. My first impression of this bb cream was that it was very creamy and soft. It spreads out evenly and nicely when applied with my fingers on the back of my hand. My hand is very orange in color, but the bb cream made my hand look so creamy and soft, like baby’s skin. 

It is best applied with a sponge, not with a make-up brush, from my experience. It spreads very evenly, covering every spot. It goes for a more natural look, so your face does not look airbrushed. If you want to cover all flaws, I would recommend applying more than one layer. The first layer would even out your skin tone, but not completely cover your blemishes.

I hope this review was nice and simple. I will be back next time with more reviews! If you like my reviews, please follow, or even follow my instagram | @rebikachuu

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